Saturday 06.07 – Road stage

9:00–12:00: The racers will step onto Place Royale’s podium to mark their participation in stage one. Public-access area and wide range of entertainment.

9:30: Starting from Rue Montagne de la Cour, 8 cyclists aged 15 to 18, the “Continental Cadets Juniors”, will cycle the stage’s first and last thirty kilometres to arrive at the Castle of Laeken at around 13:30.

10:00: The publicity caravan leaves Place Royale to arrive at the Castle of Laeken at around 15:15.

10:00–19:00: The Fan Park will welcome visitors to Pl. De Brouckère with a fantastic range of activities and entertainment.
From 10:00: Themed entertainment will bring Tour fever to Grand-Place (before the official ceremony).

12:00: Neutral start of stage one of the 2019 Tour de France – Place Royale.

12:05: Official ceremony on Grand-Place. The racers will stop off and the national anthems will be sung by the Collège St Pierre de Uccle Choir, watched by King Philippe of Belgium, Christian Prudhomme and Eddy Merckx.

12:25: Official start on Blvd Mettewie.

16:50: The first racers should arrive at the Castle of Laeken.

17:00–17:15: Stage one trophy presentation outside the Castle of Laeken.

If you need to get around the city, we strongly recommend leaving your car at home! The traffic in Brussels will be severely disrupted. Full details